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Exposed: Your Budget vs Government Budget

Your Budget vs Government Budget 1. What is it when… A politician budgets one way for themselves (responsibly) but proposes another budgeting method for governing you and your family (irresponsibly)? 2. What is it when…  It’s NOT okay for you to recklessly spend $38,200 when you only make $21,700 and have a total debt of […]

Exposed: Obama on Socialist Path – per British Journalist & U.C. Berkeley Grad

SOTU Reveals Obama on Socialist Path As reported in The Telegraph, a British newspaper. Article by Janet Daley*, a British journalist at The Telegraph, a British Newspaper. The Telegraph article Headline and Subhead: Barack Obama is trying to make the US a more socialist state The ideas the President outlined in the State of the […]

Exposed: Marxists and Communists behind OWS

Every once in a while I’ll post one of my “EXPOSED” series of articles. Here’s one for today… Q. Who’s backing OWS? [If you hibernated this winter, OWS stands for “Occupy Wall Street.”] A. Marxists?!?! Communists?!?! Socialists?!?! Q. Any MSM journalists exposing this blatant, “in your face” manipulation of people (and the news media?) by […]