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New News – Good News – Perspective

A. brotherSilvers is a non-profit service providing practical assistance to people in need.

Hi, my name is Steven Silvers. I went by the name “brotherSilvers” for many years.

In December 2011, brotherSilvers was officially founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit service.

brotherSilvers Facebook Page Please visit my brotherSilvers Facebook Page

B. brotherSilvers plans to sponsor or run several non-profit projects. Two are now activated and in the process of being deployed:

1. The Golden Rule Axiom Code of Ethics (GRACE) project aka GRACEthics – Promoting the golden rule as a universal standard of ethics for people, businesses and governance.


2. CreditLawyersUSA.com – Promoting a pre-paid legal membership service that employs Credit Lawyers to protect consumers from illegal practices of creditors and credit bureaus.

  • Our members’ average credit score increase is 127 points!
    • It’s effective, it’s affordable,
      • there’s a 100% money-back warranty
      • and there are additional member benefits.

C. More about brotherSilvers at LinkedIn.com/in/brotherSilvers

[ NOTICE: I was recently informed that ads sometimes appear just below my blog posts and that some look to be inappropriate for this site. If you see any ads on my blog, please accept my apologies because they are not mine! WordPress.com said they put the ads there when the visitors (you) are not logged in. Well, I don’t like it so I’m going to transition this blog over to my own web site. Thank you for your understanding and patience! -Steve ]

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