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EXPOSED Fast and Furious Prediction

ImageFast & Furious Prediction

For the record: I am going out on a limb to do something I dislike doing. I am going to make a prediction because I think I discern the handwriting on the wall.

First, if you are familiar with the Fast and Furious debacle you know that the House Oversight Committee has attempted to obtain key documents from the US Justice Dept. for the past 1 and 1/2 years regarding Operation Fast and Furious – which allowed some 1,800 guns (including many automatic weapons) to be illegally sold to Mexican Drug Lords who in turn murdered a Border Patrol Agent.

Obama has denied any knowledge of the Operation yet today he invoked Executive Privilege in an attempt to prevent the Justice Department from complying with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of Operation Fast and Furious.

A problem: Executive Privilege only applies if the documents being requested involve the President or the Executive Branch and only under a limited set of circumstances (which the president hasn’t yet specified). That seems to mean one of just two things or possibly both: Obama and Holder lied to Congress about Obama’s involvement in Fast and Furious and/or Obama is attempting to provide cover for Holder in an effort to hide something. I see no other options. The far-leftist liberal “spin” just doesn’t hold water. So either way, it’s not looking very well for Obama or Holder.

For more information on Operation Fast and Furious you can view a statement issued today by the family of the slain Border Patrol Agent.

Okay, here’s my prediction…

The Operation Fast and Furious documents that Obama and Holder want “covered up” could reveal an illegal plot to ultimately empower far-leftist liberals (with whose ilk I once walked) to engage in judicial activism for the purpose of attempting to justify the placing of limits on the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. That may sound like a conspiracy theory HOWEVER, if you’ve followed the case you should know that there have already been leaks and evidence to imply such a possibility. Obama’s invoking Executive Privilege today simply added to and clarified the handwriting on the wall.

Why do Obama and Holder want to keep the documents requested by the House Oversight Committee a secret? Is it because they could EXPOSE Obama, Holder and others as the master-minds behind illegal activities that far exceed the illegalities leading to Nixon’s and Clinton’s impeachments?

Is this shaping up to be a much bigger deal than Watergate and Lewinsky-gate combined? I think so. That’s my prediction (so you can see why I’d like to be wrong).

Imagine: Both the Executive and Judicial Branches conspiring to attack the Constitution, in this case focusing on the 2nd Amendment, and with possible collusion from some members of the House and Senate as well. (A sign of the times?)

THAT would be a constitutional crisis of epic proportions, and one I sincerely hope is not the case – though my far-leftist liberal past tempts me to concede that it is entirely possible if not indeed probable.

Time will soon tell if the handwriting on the wall means what I think it could mean. What do you think?

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