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Exposed: Your Budget vs Government Budget

Your Budget vs Government Budget

Federal Budget Simplified

Example: Violation of the Golden Rule?

1. What is it when…

  • A politician budgets one way for themselves (responsibly) but proposes another budgeting method for governing you and your family (irresponsibly)?

2. What is it when… 

  • It’s NOT okay for you to recklessly spend $38,200 when you only make $21,700 and have a total debt of $142,710? BUT…
  • It’s OKAY for your politicians to recklessly spend 3.8 trillion when the government makes less than 2.2 trillion and has a total debt of over $14 TRILLION? *
    • * Total US Debt is currently over $15.3 Trillion. See the US Debt Clock.

      • And this does not include future medicare, social security and prescription drug liabilities which currently total an incomprehensible $117.64 Trillion! If $15 Trillion is impossible and irresponsible how much more-so is an additional $117 Trillion on top of that?!?!
      • YOUR personal liability for all this debt is over $1 million per US taxpayer. 

How is increasing your debt a solution to your personal financial situation? to the government’s financial situation? It just delays the inevitable, does it not?

What needs change is your – the governments’ – spending habits: Stop Over-Spending (SOS)! My teenagers understand that!

3. What is it when…

  • People who believe they should be responsible with their own budget yet they keep electing politicians who are irresponsible with the government’s budget?

Albert Einstein said the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

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