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Tribute #2 to Martin Luther King, Jr.

All labor that uplift humanity has dignity and importance

and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.


Martin Luther King, Jr. taught that dignity and importance is found in work, where our labor uplifts humanity.

To uplift humanity = to help others or to work at a job where the products or services benefits humanity.

MLK also taught that the manner of our labor or work should be done with painstaking excellence.

Go the extra mile even when the boss isn’t looking, rather than be unproductive except for when the boss is looking. Isn’t that what you’d want to see in an employee if you were the boss?

  • Does this sound like an application of the Golden Rule? It is!

Mothers and fathers ween their children off milk to solid foods, and help them grow to become independent, self-sufficient, responsible and productive members of society.

MLK would not be pleased today to see how the movement he is largely credited with has been hijacked by people who have managed to enslave about half of all African-Americans to the tit of Big Mama Government. That’s the opposite of what MLK taught about labor and dignity.

  • Some people genuinely need government assistance. I understand and appreciate that there is a need.
  • But some people really don’t. They just take advantage of the system. But really, it’s the government that’s been manipulated to set up a system that takes advantage of them. Think about it!

If MLK lived today I believe he would speak against the modern-day plantation (and living off the tit of Big Mama Government) that’s enslaving African-Americans and others on welfare, etc.

  • How did it happen that it can make more sense for an able-bodied person to net more money and benefits by living off of government welfare rather than work for a living?

MLK would be appalled at the current state of affairs, I am certain of that.

  • Why? Because it is contrary to biblical instruction. Followers of Jesus are instructed to work for a living and to be cared for by family or other believers if and when that becomes necessary. If that is not possible, and the government is willing to assist, then it is up to the conscience of the person whether to take benefits from a government body.
    • Frankly, if you go to a “church” that teaches that followers of Jesus should not work for a living or not care for their own family or for fellow-believers when needed, or something else that is false teaching, then you should seriously consider a more biblical alternative.
  • MLK was a Christian preacher who understood that it’s not dependency on government that endows one with dignity and importance; rather,

“All labor that uplift humanity has dignity and importance

and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

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