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Exposed: Marxists and Communists behind OWS

Every once in a while I’ll post one of my “EXPOSED” series of articles.

Here’s one for today…

Q. Who’s backing OWS? [If you hibernated this winter, OWS stands for “Occupy Wall Street.”]

  • A. Marxists?!?! Communists?!?! Socialists?!?!

OWS and Marxist Backing

Q. Any MSM journalists exposing this blatant, “in your face” manipulation of people (and the news media?) by far-left, revolutionary marxists and communists? [MSM = “Main Street Media” i.e.: MSNBC and most other major news outlets.]

A. No???

  • Q. Why not? Why the cover up?

1. There’s obvious propaganda – trying to SELL the line that OWS is all good.

Q. Why are MSM journalists (and others) so intent on making OWS look all good?

A. To deceive? Have YOU been deceived?

2. There’s the story behind the story that’s being suppressed – trying to expose evil at work.

Q. Why are MSM journalists (and others) trying to suppress the evil at work?

A. To deceive? Have YOU been deceived? Have you been told one thing only to learn that reality is something much different once you get a peek behind the scenes to see what’s really going on?

3. Please feel free to comment…

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One comment on “Exposed: Marxists and Communists behind OWS

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